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Stay Ahead of the Competition with Data-Driven Manufacturing

If you’re not looking at introducing Industry 4.0 in your factory, you will be at a serious disadvantage versus your competitors. Fortunately, you can close the gap quickly and effortlessly. Magic Software’s FactoryEye is designed for manufacturers who want to make the digital transformation required for Industry 4.0, without disrupting operations and without replacing existing applications systems or infrastructure. Check out this Magic Blog to learn more and then contact me

Industry 4.0: for Smarter Operations

We agree with Paul Crimm that, “Industry 4.0 is here, and Industry 5.0 is right around the corner. With products becoming more connected, safety solutions and industrial sector efficiencies throughout the supply chain are being created that wouldn’t have been thought of a decade ago. It’s this connectivity of devices and systems – supported by powerful software – that harnesses and learns from the data these devices and systems offer.” Magic FactoryEye and Magic xpi are ready

Why Industry 4.0 Is The Next Revolution In Business

Another interesting perspective on Industry 4.0 from Ran Poliakine, and we couldn’t agree more. Magic FactoryEye and the Magix xpi Integration Platform will facilitate your journey to Industry 4.0 capabilities and benefits in a manageable, phased approach. Start small. Crawl, walk, run. But if you want to remain viable and competitive, you do need to START! Contact me to learn more. #DigitalTransformation #ProcessOptimization #Industry40 #AI #IOT #GetIntegrated #CompetitiveAd

Every Business is a Data Business

As Howard Tullman points out, “Tracking and capturing the right information in a timely fashion and then communicating that info effectively throughout your whole organization is crucial.” When data is siloed in an inaccessible, offline repository, it is invisible and doesn’t do anyone any good. Static, unintegrated systems which can’t talk to each other keep crucial data away from the eyes of those who need it most, reducing their ability to monitor processes, forestall prob

Top Operational Challenges for Midsize Manufacturers

Manufacturing brings together humans, processes and machines to produce incredible products. For this to happen, many difficulties need to be overcome. In this Magic Software blog, the five main challenges for midsize #manufacturers were highlighted. Please contact me to learn more. #processoptimization #digitaltransformation #industry40 #iot #iiot #ai #getintegrated

Two Ways to Transform Your Manufacturing: The Traditional Approach and The 'Intelligent' Way

As Williem Sundblad points out, “To become part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, you need to implement an intelligent system that helps manufacturers solve not only ongoing problems faster, but also tackles new issues they wouldn’t otherwise be able to address”. In Industry 4.0, state-of-the-art management for midsized manufacturers entails making decisions based on integrated, accurate, and easily accessible information. Having such information enables managers to antici

IT shifts away from ‘Big Bang’ digital transformations

A more measured and thoughtful approach to innovation is definitely the way to go to get the most benefit without overwhelming the organization. The right integration platform will facilitate that approach effectively. Contact me to learn more. #DigitalTransformation #Integration #GetIntegrated via @CIOonline

Take Care of Business with Magic Software’s Oracle E-Business Suite Integration

Your Oracle E-Business Suite, which includes CRM, ERP, SCM and HCM systems, can be extended even further. Magic xpi’s visual drag, drop and configure approach to business process integration allows you to automate and streamline business processes using SOA principles without programming or complex middleware. #GetIntegrated Contact me for details!

Specialty TECH Solutions Announces Availability

March 6, 2017 (Press Release) -- With more than 30 years of experience, Ron Ehlers, an enterprising and award-winning Top Information Technology Executive with a broad range of experience in leading highly productive IT and business teams, is now available for engagements. Bringing extensive business and technology knowledge and experience to the table, Ron built teams that took two retail organizations from systems infancy to fully integrated technology infrastructures while

New Year, New Opportunities

Mission Viejo, California (January 3, 2019) -- It’s a new year, and no doubt you have a lot of new opportunities ahead. If you’re embarking on a digital transformation effort, implementing new systems, upgrading systems, adopting or moving applications to the Cloud, implementing mobile apps, working to take advantage of IoT devices/sensors or looking at how to improve the business processes across your organization, data and application integration both play key roles in ever

Every Company is a Technology Company

January 5, 2019 (Blog Post) -- Nearly all companies today are using technology in some fashion to support the operations of their business, internally and externally. Integration of systems and business processes has become crucial to executing business strategies, improving customer service levels, maintaining profitability, and even the fundamental ability to compete in the marketplace. What is the best way to implement that Integration? The right software platform will fac

Are you thinking about your integration and business process improvement requirements?

May 2, 2018 (Blog Post) -- Your business may get left behind if you are not looking at solutions to transform your business processes. These are three of the top reasons driving the urgency for integration. External Trends are driving integration, including Competition, Trading Partners, Omnichannel, Cloud, Mobile, IoT, CX and Social Business needs are driving integration, such as Growth, Expansion, Diversification, New Strategies, New Products, Changing Priorities, Business

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