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New Year, New Opportunities

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Mission Viejo, California (January 3, 2019) -- It’s a new year, and no doubt you have a lot of new opportunities ahead. If you’re embarking on a digital transformation effort, implementing new systems, upgrading systems, adopting or moving applications to the Cloud, implementing mobile apps, working to take advantage of IoT devices/sensors or looking at how to improve the business processes across your organization, data and application integration both play key roles in every one of those efforts. Wouldn’t it be great to have one, low TCO, enterprise-ready platform that can support all your initiatives efficiently and cost-effectively now and in the future?

After many years as a Retail CIO, and in Retail BI/Analytics consulting, I'm now an independent IT consultant and also a partner with Magic Software [NASDAQ: MGIC], a 30-year old global organization that provides an outstanding Business Integration Platform making significant in-roads due to its enterprise business-grade platform, low cost, ease of use and speed of integration implementations.

Magic xpi should be your integration platform to speed your integration development and systems implementations, as well as provide your team with ease of maintenance, visibility and management, and do it all at a lower cost. Magic Software already has quite a number of clients implementing their first integration platform to avoid the point-to-point custom programming that is so expensive to maintain over time, as well as clients converting from their current integration tools to the Magic xpi Integration Platform, reducing their costs and increasing their capabilities in the process with an immediate ROI.

Magic xpi implements automated processes using pre-built connectors, and with its orchestration and transformation capabilities, it provides a platform-agnostic methodology for future-proof interoperability with Cloud, Mobile, IoT and any other future enterprise technologies that develop. It offers enterprise business-ready, out-of-the-box integration solutions that are easily configurable, scalable, and compatible with all standard databases and data management technologies. Magic xpi’s smart, code-free approach enhances business performance, increasing productivity, reducing risk, ensuring faster time to deployment, and providing excellent real-time visibility into all production integrations that are active at any point in time.

The Magic xpi Business Integration Platform delivers enterprise-grade integration, business process automation, and data synchronization solutions, with comprehensive security and proven reliability, including clustering and failover. Implementing a wide range of software vendor certified and optimized connectors and adaptors, Magic xpi integrates leading ERP, CRM, eCommerce, payment, finance, field maintenance and other enterprise systems, including IBM, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sharepoint, Google, Salesforce Commerce (Demandware) and many more, not to mention Mobile and IoT devices as well.

Magic Software is just becoming better known in the U.S., but is prevalent throughout Europe and Asia. The solution is very mature and is continually being enhanced to keep pace with emerging technologies. Magic has 24 global offices, clients in 50+ countries and millions of users worldwide. A few of the big Magic xpi users in the U.S. include Fiskars Brands, Cleveland Golf, Nike, Adidas, Reebok and UPS.

I would like very much to chat with you about your current approach to data/application integration and business process improvement, and how the Magic xpi Integration Platform can help lower your costs and speed the time to delivery for your projects, as it has for so many of Magic Software’s clients worldwide. I would also be happy to set up a live web demo presented by the Magic Software team for any audience you would like to see it.

Please let me know when you’re available for a call, and we can get it set up on our calendars. I will be looking forward to speaking with you. If you prefer, feel free to reach out to me anytime via LinkedIn, eMail or telephone.

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Ron Ehlers, CEO / Principal

Specialty TECH Solutions

949-584-0647 (Mobile) (eMail)

A Magic Software Enterprises Partner

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