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Are you thinking about your integration and business process improvement requirements?

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

May 2, 2018 (Blog Post) -- Your business may get left behind if you are not looking at solutions to transform your business processes. These are three of the top reasons driving the urgency for integration.

  1. External Trends are driving integration, including Competition, Trading Partners, Omnichannel, Cloud, Mobile, IoT, CX and Social

  2. Business needs are driving integration, such as Growth, Expansion, Diversification, New Strategies, New Products, Changing Priorities, Business Process Improvement and more

  3. Diversity of systems is driving integration, including ERP, PLM, SCM, OMS, CRM, eCommerce, Mobile, IoT, Business Intelligence, Analytics, AI, Legacy Systems and others; On Premise and in the Cloud

Gartner confirms that current trends make Integration “Urgent”

  • “Driven by digital business, the number and types of integration projects continue to grow.” (1)

  • “Bringing together application integration and data integration is increasingly urgent, as information leaders realize these are no longer separate disciplines.” (2)

  • “Integration is often the largest part of the effort of delivering an enterprise mobile app, with many app development teams underestimating the time and resources required for integration.” (3)

The Magic xpi Integration Platform optimizes your extended systems portfolio, integrating your many applications, web services, mobile, IoT devices and legacy systems, no matter where they’re located, and optimizing your business processes with sophisticated orchestration and transformation capabilities, all on a single reliable and fault-tolerant platform.

What are your integration and business process requirements?

Let’s set up a time to have a conversation this week. Let me know what works best for you.

Ron Ehlers, CEO / Principal

Specialty TECH Solutions

949-584-0647 (Mobile)

A Magic Software Enterprises Partner

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