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Major C-Store Player Selects Magic xpi

Last October, I had the opportunity to share the Magic xpi Integration Platform story with the CIO at a major C-Store company that had just embarked on a significant #DigitalTransformation effort with new applications both on-premise and in the Cloud, as well as real-time #DataTransformation and #Integration requirements.

They had already started evaluating integration solutions. However, after seeing an online demo, the CIO and his team agreed to include Magic xpi in their evaluation. Upon completing their very thorough evaluation process and PoC, they selected Magic xpi over all the competing solutions. The team described Magic xpi as the “hands down” winner across ALL their evaluation criteria, and were also especially impressed with the Magic Software team's responsiveness.

As this company understands, the right platform will facilitate the implementation and support of automated business processes and data flows between their internal systems, between their systems and their suppliers, between their systems and their customers, and it will improve the effectiveness, efficiency and profitability of their overall business. And, as we have seen over and over, when xpi is included in an evaluation process against any of the leading integration solutions, it always wins!

Do you already have an integration platform in place, but are finding it ridiculously expensive to license and pay for the annual maintenance? We also have great examples of large companies who Magic has helped convert from their existing integration platform to Magic xpi in a matter of a few months with an immediate ROI for all costs involved (licenses, services, etc.), as well as an on-going annual savings from that point forward running well into the six figures.

I can provide you with details or any additional information you need. We can have a call and I can also set up a live online demo of Magic xpi for you and your team. Call me!

Ron Ehlers, CEO / Principal

Specialty TECH Solutions

(949) 584-0647

A Magic Software Enterprises Partner

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