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Learn how you can utilize Pricing Lifecycle to stem Margin Leakage

January 7, 2019 (Blog Post) -- In a highly competitive retail market, pricing is a critical battleground for success. To compete effectively, retailers are reacting through re-pricing and promotions; often finding themselves in a world of frequent and large-scale price competition.

At the same time, pricing strategies are getting harder to execute, with dynamic, zonal and channel-based pricing becoming the norm.

One of the unfortunate, unintended consequences of all this pricing activity is increased margin leakage. Most retailers are giving away margin unnecessarily without even realizing it; both in the fashion industry through sub-optimal promotions and markdowns, as well as in price-competitive sectors such as grocery and general merchandise, through sub-optimal price management.

With the profimetrics platform, the Itim Group is helping retailers stem this margin leakage by making Pricing Lifecycle the central plank for their competitive strategies. profimetrics now has 25 major retailers across most retail segments utilizing the platform for zonal pricing, differential promotions and markdown management, with margin optimization at the heart of the solution.

We would like to show you this outstanding opportunity to curtail margin leakage in your business and improve your overall margins in a strategic way.

If you were unable to visit profimetrics during NRF2019 at the Itim Retail booth, or if you were unable to attend the BIG SHOW, you can contact me and we can set up a webinar presentation for you and your team at your convenience following NRF2019.

Best wishes for a successful and prosperous New Year!

Ron Ehlers, CEO / Principal Specialty TECH Solutions

(949) 584-0647 (Mobile) |

An Itim Retail Partner

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