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Become your demanding consumers’ go-to retailer of choice

Today’s mobile-empowered consumers gravitate to those retailers who can offer speed, ease and convenience, driving retailers to reinvent the store experience. But at the same time, you’re facing an alphabet soup of technology requirements — #SaaS #Cloud #PCI #IoT #AI.

Thoughtful digital transformation establishes a firm foundation with essentials such as a robust Integration Platform that can interconnect all your data flows on premise, in the Cloud, internally, with your suppliers and with your customers, including in-store apps and customer Mobile apps. The right platform will not only address your short-term needs, but will also set the stage for the next-gen technologies required to become your demanding consumers’ go-to retailer of choice.

Following an extremely thorough evaluation process and delivery of a working PoC, a major retailer recently selected the Magic xpi Integration Platform over all the competing solutions to provide the hub for all their digital transformation requirements, now and in the future.

Their team described Magic xpi as the “hands down” winner across ALL their evaluation criteria, and said they were especially impressed with the responsiveness and knowledge of the Magic team.

Contact me for details. We can set up a live online demo of Magic xpi for your team.

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